7 Best Business Consulting Books to Make Time for in 2016


As independent business consultants and soloprenuers, we have to make personal development a priority. I’ve asie before, we need to make time for “Me.” It’s

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4 Different Ways to Structure Your Business Consulting Fees


When I found my way into the consulting field, I was green. Much of what I brought to the table was learned from a different

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How to Find Your Business Consulting Niche


Why Going Niche Will Produce the Best Business Results Being an independent business consultant is a tough gig, especially if you have been in business

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5 Myths About Entrepreneurialism and Business Consulting


She waltzes in flashing a million dollar grin like she doesn’t have a care in the world. She sits in on a couple of meetings,

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3 Ways to Be Prepared for the Peaks and Valleys of Consulting


Any business that has been around long enough has experienced some up and down cycles. Consulting is no different. Some months it seems that everything

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How to Get Consulting Work Using Social Media


Social media has played a huge role in my career as a consultant. Events like the annual HR Technology Conference I attended in October make

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How to Leap Into Business Consulting After Working in Corporate


When I decided to leave corporate America,I wanted more freedom. But I liked the idea of keeping contact with that world I had come to

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How a Blog Can Transform Your Contract & Consulting Business


I never really saw myself as a professional writer. When I started my blog around HR themes, it was with the intention of building a

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How to Manage Your Client If They Are a Control Freak


  Management is a term typically used from the top down. But, as freelancers and consultants know, being the recipient of the paycheck doesn’t mean

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