5 Myths About Entrepreneurialism and Business Consulting


She waltzes in flashing a million dollar grin like she doesn’t have a care in the world. She sits in on a couple of meetings,

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5 Habits of the Most Successful Business Consultants


  Working for yourself can be the ultimate in liberation. You are in control. No asking for time off, or begging for a raise. You

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The Lonely Side of Consulting


“I work for myself,” we say, and on most days it is a badge of honor. We are the new pioneers. Micropreneurs, solopreneurs, consultants and

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How to Find Your Happiness in Chaos (as a consultant)


Working for yourself is a lot of things liberating, exhilarating, confusing, and terrifying. You have moments of clarity followed by moments of fear and to

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Flexible Scheduling Is Most Powerful Perk in Freelance Economy


  Getting started in the freelancer or consultant workforce is nothing short of a challenge, but it offers a number of benefits that might have

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Turning Passion Into Business Success as an Entrepreneur


I often hear people talk about having an entrepreneurial spirit, but I think the term is widely misused. As an entrepreneur myself, I know a

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Throw Away Your Business Plan


Every once in a while, people give you advice that seems completely contradictory at the time. Unless they’re crazy (and even if they are a

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5 Ways to Find Inspiration When You Work for Yourself


Finding Inspiration in Personal Growth and Development Whether you’ve just successfully launched your business and signed your first client or are an old pro in

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