How to Get Consulting Work Using Social Media


Social media has played a huge role in my career as a consultant. Events like the annual HR Technology Conference I attended in October make

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How a Blog Can Transform Your Contract & Consulting Business


I never really saw myself as a professional writer. When I started my blog around HR themes, it was with the intention of building a

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7 Tips to Improve Your Professional Networking


  Professional networking is one of the most valuable things to do whether you’re starting a business, new in your field, or wanting to build

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How to Network with Strangers at a Business Networking Event


We’ve all been there. It makes us cold, clammy and sweaty especially if you are someone who is introverted like me. Business networking with strangers

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How to Sell Your Consulting with Referral Sales


There are a lot of really great aspects of being an entrepreneur, but there’s also one that keeps many from entering the game or freezes

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Throw Away Your Business Plan


Every once in a while, people give you advice that seems completely contradictory at the time. Unless they’re crazy (and even if they are a

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