How to Manage Your Client If They Are a Control Freak


  Management is a term typically used from the top down. But, as freelancers and consultants know, being the recipient of the paycheck doesn’t mean

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The Lonely Side of Consulting


“I work for myself,” we say, and on most days it is a badge of honor. We are the new pioneers. Micropreneurs, solopreneurs, consultants and

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Who Makes Up the Freelance Economy?

economy (1)

We’ve already established that the best and biggest perk of working for yourself is work flexibility. You say how you work, when you work, if

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How to Find Your Happiness in Chaos (as a consultant)


Working for yourself is a lot of things liberating, exhilarating, confusing, and terrifying. You have moments of clarity followed by moments of fear and to

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Flexible Scheduling Is Most Powerful Perk in Freelance Economy


  Getting started in the freelancer or consultant workforce is nothing short of a challenge, but it offers a number of benefits that might have

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7 Tips to Improve Your Professional Networking


  Professional networking is one of the most valuable things to do whether you’re starting a business, new in your field, or wanting to build

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How to Network with Strangers at a Business Networking Event


We’ve all been there. It makes us cold, clammy and sweaty especially if you are someone who is introverted like me. Business networking with strangers

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How to Sell Your Consulting with Referral Sales


There are a lot of really great aspects of being an entrepreneur, but there’s also one that keeps many from entering the game or freezes

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What is a Business Consultant (Part 2)?


Join our weekly newsletter to have sweet gigs and awesome resources delivered to your inbox. Click here.  Being a business consultant is one of the

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What is a Business Consultant (Part 1)


Looking to make the jump to contract consultant? Join our EMS community for contract jobs openings, supports and amazing resources. Click here.  Being a business

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